Behind the Scene of PITCH TO THE PRESIDENT

Behind the Scene of PITCH TO THE PRESIDENT

Pitch to the President was held last March 6, 2014 at Microsoft Japan Shinagawa Headquarters. The event was a contest for start-up companies to make a presentation to compete and also to welcome the President of Estonia. Almost 100 attendees were present to the said event.


Capy was invited to have a pitch in front of the Estonian President and other participants. Mitsuo Okada, CEO of Capy made a presentation.

As what we’re praying and working for, we crowned as the First Prize in the event.

Pitch to the president

Behind of the success, Capy members were hooking for some girls before the event.


This conversation makes Capy Team alive and showing how each members are really crazy.
Hooking girls wasn’t personal agenda of the team, it’s for the hiring purposes.
Capy is growing rapidly every month and we are looking for a new members who wants to change the world together with us.

pitch to the president

Capy was very glad to be crowned as champion in Pitch to the President 2014.
This award is the first award we got in this year.
See you in the next competition!

Julie Ann Gerochi

Admin Team at Capy Inc.